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Repair and Calibration Services Henchman Products

Tool Repair and Calibration

We can either calibrate your new equipment before shipping it to you, ready for use, or service and repair your existing equipment.


Easy process
When a calibration requirement is identified (either through you or through our database), we will quote you a service fee. Upon approval we either pick the equipment up or you ship it to us – at no extra charge! If the tool does not pass the initial check, we will send you a new quote for the repair. When the tool passes, we generate your certificate, log a reminder for the next service and send the goods back to you.


Our Service, your Benefits

  • Calibration of your new equipment before delivery – ready to use!
  • Service of existing tools – just one single contact for all your calibration and servicing needs
  • Inhouse database of your equipment – we keep track of your calibration requirements and send you reminders
  • We understand and are intelligent about your requirements and quality standards as well as the environment that this equipment is used in.


See the full list of the equipment and brands we can Service and Repair for you in our Service & Calibration Flyer (PDF 800KB).


You’ve ordered your tools from us, maybe got them put in foam through us – why not also get them serviced with us?