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Henchman Workbench Workstation Setup Service

Workstation Setup

Properly designed and configured workstations are an important element of a lean manufacturing system and can have an impact on reducing waste. Workstations must be easy to reconfigure to handle small batch sizes when needed.

Leading ergonomic Workstation Design
Many of our projects are designed for our customers unique applications; it starts with a call or an email to our office. Of your freehand sketch we will return your ideas with our drawings and with a quotation in designing our products we incorporate ergonomics, aesthetics, strength and modularity.

Customized for the Application and your Operator
The purpose of a workstation determines its basic requirements and accessories. The needs and requirements may change considerably from one employee to another, but we understand that no two people are like. When a workstation is equipped for and adjusted to an operator’s needs, each phase of the production process can be completed accurately without delay and discomfort.

Organization is a Sign of Effeciency
Necessary tools and materials must be at the worker’s fingertips in order to be efficient. There is no time lost in looking for parts or tools if the workplace is properly organized for the work performed there. A tool kept in its own place stays in good condition for a long time. These workplace solutions make it easy to implement lean manufacturing tools such as 5S (sort-set-sustain-shine-standarize).

Ergonomics improves Satisfaction and Productivity
The main objectives of ergonomic design are ensuring employee’s health, increasing work satisfaction and improving individual productivity. This series workstation’s ultimate goal is to ensure a relaxed working position where the work movements can follow the individual’s natural way of moving.

Single-Source Supplier
Henchman not only works with you to design the perfect Workstation setup, we can also supply ESD Chairs, Bench Matting, Personal Grounding, Conductive Equipment, Tools and Soldering Equipment.