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Custom Fitout, Containers, Foam Storage

Custom Fitout and Storage

A solution for every storage option

Our tool kits are scalable and come in almost every shape and size – there are more options than just the traditional toolbox or tool case.


Toolstore and Container Setup

Henchman can fit out containers as a mobile toolcrib, fitted with workbenches and storage for tools, toolkits and equipment.

It can also be managed by our HenchmanTRAK™ Electronic Automated Tool Control System to track the issue and return of tools to and from the tool crib or store.


Drawer Fitout

Our two-colored shadow foam inlays are also suitable for ute vehicle trundle trays, built-in drawers and toolboxes.

Multiple layers and liftouts are possible, due to the rigidity of our shadow foam.

We work with you to ensure that all your tools are laid out for optimum accessibility and ease of use.

Our foam is water-repellant, wipeable and non-soaking – to ensure durability and make it suitable for extreme applications.


Custom Foam

Apart from new tools in foam, we also supply replacement foam for existing kits and precisely fit sensitive equipment into protective foam, e.g.: inspection equipment, weapons, electronics including laptops, multimeters and worklights.

For equipment needing to be charged during storage we offer customised cases with ventilation, powerpoints and plugs.


Contact our sales team to discuss your specific requirements.